My name is Sam Bosell, father, husband, uncle and been involved in the technology space since 1997. I try to be a good rounded human and will share content with that in mind so please don't expect 100% technology focused posts.

A little career history with regards to software/tech:

  • First professional job at Iomega and started in QA and moved into software development. If you were around Iomega made zip and jazz drives.
  • Raytheon - Defense contractor and an interesting experience. My main job was to migrate an Access DB application to the web.
  • Nortel Networks - Telecommunications and we were building CRM tools before CRM tools were cool. We started out with Cold Fusion and added some Java.
  • Fired Up, Inc / Carino's Italian - Restaurant industry with various projects covering many internal integrations to website implementations/etc
  • Pictoric Media Group and Beyond 4 LLC - Co-founder, opened and managed a nearshore office with 15+ employees before we sold
  • Forbattring - Working on getting new project/company off the ground, still early.
  • Freelancer for various industries, projects and companies

Full stack developer (.NET/Core/Angular/Vue/Blazor) and architect. Cloud architectures and implementations include Distributed Scaling Applications, Amazon, Azure and Rackspace. Integrations into Braintree, GiveEx, Paytronix, PayPal, Shopify, Single Platform, Mobile, Microsoft Azure, ShipJunction, Aspdotnetstorefront, Maps, BigCommerce and many others. Enterprise system development to small high-impact apps.

I don't blog too often. Work in progress.