Weekly Notes 2021-W7

Weekly Notes 2021-W7

These logs are my work logs (anonymized) mixed in with a few thoughts and maybe some personal anecdotes. This pandemic has altered our daily lives in many ways. I started to train in a boxing gym in 2018, not to compete or put myself in harm's way but to challenge myself and get into shape. Boxing is as much or more a mental game than physical. One of the lessons I learned from Coach Cesar that also applies to life and business is that when you need to make a decision or a move you should do it without emotion. The emotion can come after you completed the bout. In boxing when someone is throwing a punch at you it is hard to keep emotions and adrenaline in check which is the point of the lesson because you need to think clearly to determine your next course of action as opposed to getting mad and wildly throwing back. You can apply the same wisdom to life, work, or anything really. Make your decision logically and feel the emotion afterwards.

Some of my day to day job is to build out projects (aspnet core, sql, vue, etc), and some is to manage them and the other part of my job is the cloud management for the company (Azure). It keeps me busy.

Last week I decided to reach out to a few people to catch up. It was really nice to hear from them and also got the creative juices flowing with regards to a few ideas I have to pitch to clients.

On to the worklogs...

Worked on some experimental code that uses ETags in order to see if it could be used to help drive customer engagement on a website. ETags will work in some scenarios but not others so need to come up with a hybrid strategy here.

Continued development on an offline enabled PWA based on Asp.Net and Vue to help people in the field log data without an internet connection via the browser. Once online they can sync their report data. This occupied most of my time this week dealing with Service Workers, caching, and trying to work in what seems like an environment fraught with a lack of good information, browser incompatibilities and everything in between which isn't surprising since we live in a hyper connected world.........Most of the time.

Redid my personal website project to use Vue 3 and Tailwind. It turned out much easier than I expected. Since last year I wanted to do something with TailwindCss which is a pure CSS framework that just seems appealing. I added two demo UI's for some Cognitive AI practice which will be coded out in the weeks to come in my spare time. Here is a little preview:

Weekly Notes 2021-W7

Updated a few small project websites from client requests but overall this week has been less administrative and more software development which is nice.